What They Say?

You're invited to join a strong and positive movement that aims to spread hope through clean water and proper sanitation. The next Give Water Give Hope project for Navajo Nation is projected to break ground in the fall of 2023 with an estimated cost of $53,020. The vision for Tonelea Full Gospel Church is a men’s and women’s restroom/washroom facility that will offer sanitation and personal hygiene to all. Every restroom facility is equipped with an exterior water spigot, allowing the community to access clean and drinkable water. If you feel compelled to assist the Tonelea Full Gospel Church in obtaining clean water and washroom facilities, you can easily do so by supporting a project phase below.
The project has been thoughtfully broken down into five distinct phases, with each phase allocating funding towards a particular section of the project.
Phase 1
Current Funding Phase
  • Commercial Septic Tank Installation
  • Rough Plumbing Sewer
  • Concrete Slab Pour, Float, & Finish
Phase 2
Coming Soon
Phase 3
Coming Soon
Phase 4
Coming Soon
Phase 5
Coming Soon