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Standard one-time or recurring support options
Easy Impact Gifts
5 Gallon in Home Water Jug - $35
Help Families collect, store, and drink clean water.
Home Plumbing - $50
Purchase a families piping and help bring them one step closer to having flowing water throughout their home.
Steele Utility Cart - $80
Many families do not have a means of transportation. This cart pairs perfectly with the 5 gallon in home water jug and will ensure that families can easily get clean water to their homes.
Toilet - $100
A throne for every home.
Essential Impact Gifts
Water Heater - $300
Because everyone loves a hot shower.
Water Cistern - $350
Many areas of the world do not have consistent or reliable sources of water. This cistern allows families to store 290 gallons of water for times of desperate need and day to day use.
Water Pump/Tower - $500
This package is a key piece to families having running water throughout their home, making everyday tasks like bathing and washing dishes or clothing easier.
Septic Tank - $500
Help ensure that waste is properly disposed of and that no one has to live with a mess on their hands, promoting cleanliness and safety within communities.
Exceptional Impact Gifts
Kitchen Package - $1,600
Ensure that families are able to have a safe, clean area to wash dishes, prepare meals, and create memories with their loved ones.
Core Package - $1,800
This package is perfect for helping families receive the basic core essentials for functional plumbing throughout their homes.
Bathroom Package - $2,500
Running showers and working toilets are rare in the areas we serve, but staying clean and disposing of waste properly is a need we all have. By supplying this need, you restore dignity to families by helping them stay clean and give them the ability to wash away bacteria, reduce sickness, and help fathers and mothers to become more employable and rise above poverty.
Whole Home Package - $6,000
This package combines the kitchen, core, and bathroom packages, providing everything a family could desire to fulfill their water and sanitation needs.

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