Because of YOUR support and an amazing partnership with i6eight, and Trinity Mennonite Church, another family has received sustainable running water throughout their home. With this, proper sanitation is now accessible giving them the ability to wash dishes, take a shower, and use the restroom under the comfort and peace of a properly structured home. No longer will they have to face caring for them selves under the harsh summer heat and winters frigid cold. 

But, there is still an enormous amount of hard working families around the world that go without basic needs of survival such as sustainable clean water and sanitation solutions. With your continued support, YOU are providing the hope needed to ensure this number decreases. 

If you have yet to join the experience of becoming hope in someone’s life, we encourage you to take that step today. You are the hope to those that go without such basic needs of survival. A life lived on purpose is a life you will never regret. 

Give Water Give Hope!