This month has been truly amazing! Not only did we get to help a family receive access to their personal sanitation needs, by providing a bathroom within their

home, we also helped the community as a whole.

Many families and school children that live in the area of San Rafael joined together with The Clear Water Project to help clean the streets of their community. Trash pick up services are very limited and unfortunately many people illegally dump large amounts of trash in this part of town to keep from paying fees at the local dump.

All of this contributing to an excess of trash build-up right in the backyard of the families who live in the area.

However, we are excited because a team of locals has decided to not blame their community sanitation services for the trash build up, but instead, to do everything they can to help keep their community stay clean.

The local dump also has agreed to help the community’s efforts by charging 50 pesos per emptying of our dump trailers. This equates to only about $2.56 per load of trash! This is a huge win and savings. Before this agreement we were paying $15.00 to dump each load.

We are excited to continue creating partnerships with local organizations and to watch as the community of San Rafael’s living conditions improve with locals at the forefront of the charge.