With the heat and humidity that come along with working in Puerto Penasco in the month of May, we are taking a summer break from construction and bathroom installs. However we still traveled to Mexico for team building and to hear from some of our leaders that live in the area. One leader we specifically connected with was Kevin. We listened to his needs pertaining to “Clear Water” projects as he manages the construction crew on the ground. He has done a great job at creating relationships with the families that are employed to complete plumbing and bathroom installs. We are grateful for his efforts and his willingness to serve. While with him we also were able to see a bakery that we helped provide the plumbing for that is located in the Barrio. This is exciting because this is the first plumbing install in which we were able to use Pex, which is industry standard plumbing material! The families who are running the facility are very grateful to have access to running water, which will help them and their business thrive. We appreciate everyone who helps provide these opportunities to our neighbors in need.