Imagine living day-to-day knowing that providing the basic necessities for you and your family to drink clean water, wash your hands, and bathe was personally inaccessible. Bacteria would easily spread throughout your household leading to sickness and disease. Leading to a decline in health and dignity each day as you cannot keep up your personal hygiene. This is reality for many families living within the Barrios of Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Our team recently returned from this area where we were able to meet with local mission organization, I6Eight. I6Eight provides housing and many other resources for families in need. We have decided to join forces with them to ensure each family who receives a home, will also receive a complete bathroom and access to clean water. The Clear Water Project exists to end this crisis in the Barrios of Puerto Penasco, Mexico and to supply clean water and sanitation solutions to those who go without. We cannot do this alone! With your help and with the help of many caring individuals just like you, we will be able to make this a reality.